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Eat your greens

Today we have green burritos made of chayote, onions and “kalalu”. We have to yet discover what that is, for now we call it “greens”. “Kalalu” grows around us in the jungle. It is legit eatable, we know it from our Maya friends.

Sustainable Living, Wanderlust

Keeping up with the jungle living

Week 8 is almost behind us and so far we failed  in everything we tried to do

The garden is trashed over & over by rain, eaten away by animals and steped over due to ongoing re-constructions.

Well fail again fail better, we keep droping seeds and hoping for the best!

Chaya grows!

Pumpkin grows!

Chilli grows!

Sustainable Living, Wanderlust

Proof that I work hard

Some puppy love and everything is better.

Sustainable Living, Wanderlust

Rainy season = nap time

Sustainable Living, Wanderlust

We are moving mountains

We are up to some serious landscaping these days.

If you are not sure what are you looking at, the left photo is before and the right one is now. As we built our camp on a hill we had to level the floor in our hammock “room” otherwise we would slide doooown with every step, especially because it is rainy season and our hill turns into slippery slope with every rain drop.

So we moved a mountain to raise up the floor in hammock room and created  step between that and our kitchen which we filled up with herbs and tomatoes. The idea is to have herbs within an arms length from the kitchen.



Sustainable Living, Wanderlust

Wilderness vs. the garden

Why choose when you can have it all! We have mango trees, oregano trees, wild basil, yuka, sweet potatoes, lemon grass, avocado trees, mamey, chaya, coconuts, plantains and more growing wild.


Sustainable Living, Wanderlust

Gardening tales

Let me tell you about the horrors of gardening, frustration, disappointment, tears ….

My own private gardening hell…

Gardening is suppose to be nice, relaxing, soul enriching a literally fruitful pass time and yet  it is agonizing and stressful, will it grow or won`t ??

And it did and it did not.

Oh well Cest la vie.

Considering our level of gardening skills (0, but we are super enthusiastic) it is perhaps miracle that anything grows. Nature is awesome!

Planted three, one survived. Shed a tear but hey, bless for the one!