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Magic in the streets

Street party in the neighborhood of Grácia.

magic in the streets

flying books

Greetings from Spain!


flying Lenin

Culture, Wanderlust

Moments of Zen

Just another gem of modern architecture. Come and hide from the outside chaos. You will feel a calming vibe after approximately 30s of sitting on the “Barcelona chair” the icon of modernism (after you`ve been standing around, waiting for your turn for about 10 mins). Radical simplicity combined with the finest materials … why can’t we all live like this?

barcelona chair

Barcelona chair


Mies Van Dr Rohe Pavilon


Do you remember the times …

… when “the end of history was kinda fun” ? Another pop cultural history milestone is upon us. We will commemorate 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana but no time to get sad! Back in the day we were about to storm into the new millennium with Austin Powers and its been a ride!

And where are we now? Naughties are behind us and the tens are pretty tense. Hopefully by the time you finished watching the movie you`re too high to think about that.

austin powers

Good news! You can postpone reality! There are two more movies!