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Thinking about mestizaje of food cultures

delicious revolution

delicious revolution

As we listened to 📻 👉🏼 Norma Listman talking on the mestizaje of food cultures in Mexico and Cali we found ourself putting a spoon of cruchy (do I need to say super organic) 🍴 👉🏼 peanut butter into our veggie soup. How interesting to think about how recipes change and adapt to what ingredients are available.


And than we left Bristol behind and took to the fields, picked up blackberries and cooked them up to eat them with pancakes made of barley flour.








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Close your eyes and think of England 🇬🇧


So, I said Adéu Barcelona, and got on a flight to Bristol.


Hello England! Season of croissants & tinto de verano is over now, fall came upon us and I will be sipping on organic, red bush, naturally caffeine free Earl Grey with Hemp milk sweetened by honey from Essential Trading Co – operative.

dazed and cake

And with Tea there`s gotta be a cake! Chocolate cherry & cranberry muffin – vegan  from a co-op run restaurant is Stoke Scroft.


The season is changing


15 C

Real feel?

En serio?

So I did a lil shopping therapy in a grocery store.



Aw rite good stuff but walnuts from California double packed in plastic? Why a proclaimed eco – conscious grocery store stocks this product? I really wanted them but immediately felt regrets about it. Hopefully the walnuts will promote some brain health for me!




Day of Catalunya

catalunya day


Look at all the revolutionaries waving their cheap ass, slave made flags and sipping McCoffee preaching “Democracy for All”.  lol #solidarity

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Magic in the streets

Street party in the neighborhood of Grácia.

magic in the streets

flying books

Greetings from Spain!


flying Lenin

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Moments of Zen

Just another gem of modern architecture. Come and hide from the outside chaos. You will feel a calming vibe after approximately 30s of sitting on the “Barcelona chair” the icon of modernism (after you`ve been standing around, waiting for your turn for about 10 mins). Radical simplicity combined with the finest materials … why can’t we all live like this?

barcelona chair

Barcelona chair


Mies Van Dr Rohe Pavilon


Water is life!

One of the reasons I really enjoy living in Barcelona are the water fountains/hydrants everywhere.


How tragic that Rome had to turn of its historic water fountains due to drought. For the first time since ancient times. Read here.