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Close your eyes and think of England 🇬🇧


So, I said Adéu Barcelona, and got on a flight to Bristol.


Hello England! Season of croissants & tinto de verano is over now, fall came upon us and I will be sipping on organic, red bush, naturally caffeine free Earl Grey with Hemp milk sweetened by honey from Essential Trading Co – operative.

dazed and cake

And with Tea there`s gotta be a cake! Chocolate cherry & cranberry muffin – vegan  from a co-op run restaurant is Stoke Scroft.


The season is changing


15 C

Real feel?

En serio?

So I did a lil shopping therapy in a grocery store.



Aw rite good stuff but walnuts from California double packed in plastic? Why a proclaimed eco – conscious grocery store stocks this product? I really wanted them but immediately felt regrets about it. Hopefully the walnuts will promote some brain health for me!



Food, Wanderlust

City gardens

Jardins de Ca n’Altimira, once an eccentric millionaires private gardens. In 1880 there were lakes, waterfalls, caves and exotic vegetation. The portico provided access to other caves connected to the house. It is said that at various points the caves were flooded so that Altimira and his guests could boat through them.

Community garden of the people of Vallcarca.


Grandma`s cooking

My granny doesn’t believe in a meal without meat and meat less, let alone animal free lunch is just outrageous idea! C` mon! You gotta eat something!

But grandma ….

“Theres only one egg in the cake, one egg is not going to kill you!”

But grandma …

So we looked deep into our “heritage cuisine” and  in the end we agreed on “Halušky” a traditional Slovakian “mountain” meal. Made of finely diced potatoes mixed with flour and boiled, served with fermented cabbage.

The original version is not animal free, granny just had to deal with it! But I came for more and that made her happy!



It`s asparagus season


Locally grown white asparagus & sorghum with Tahini Sauce 

Did you know an acre of sorghum uses a third-less water than an acre of corn? It is drought-tolerant, low-water-usage, wonder grain!


Nut Roast!

It is almost Sunday so treat yourself!


Receipt here  green salad on a side and cauliflower rice (cooked cauliflower in a water with curcuma, salt, cayenne pepper) and of course Tahini Sauce on everything!

nut roast


Absolutely delightful!


Cacao & raspberries dreams

cacao rasbery

I started of with this recipe  however on the way modified it a bit. I used Spelt flour, sunflower oil, and added raspberry jam (grandma`s home-made) and cacao. No egg! I used chia and flax seeds mix. Improvise!

Super quick only 10 min in the owen!