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Stuffed peppers

Another childhood classic. Grandma claimed that this dish comes from Hungary as Hungary is known for the abundance of fresh produce especially peppers. It wasn’t my favorite. Grandma would make a tomato sauce to eat the peppers with that I despited. She would put tons of sugar into it and cooked it with cloves and it was all too much for me, the aroma, the intense sweet-tomatoey taste. As a child I didn’t even liked the baked peppers and basically stripped this dish to only the stuffing on my plate.

Years passed by and I moved to Istanbul where I discovered stuffed peppers again “biber dolmasi” same but so different. Stuffing made with rice and ground beef as my grandmas but also with fresh herbs and spices. My taste buds were definitely ready this time. As any turkish recipe, this would also contain a million of different ingredients to blend into deliciousness. There was no tomato sauce no sweet and clovey smell. There was yogurt! That was a shocker for me. I have never imagined yogurt could be consumed on a savory dish, on top of your lunch or dinner. I grew to love it! I came to my grandmas and brought yogurt to eat with her peppers. I loved stuffed peppers and asked my mom and grandma to make it as a my preferred dish.

Stuffed peppers also became a staple dish of the time when I traveled the Americas with my yankee couz. We loved to stuff our peppers with spinach and feta cheese and sometimes tomatoes and we served sweet potato and fry plantain on a side. We ate it every day for weeks. Even when my mates grandma took us to dine out hopping we would eat something different we only wanted sweet potatoes, every time!

I surfed the internet and found out that stuffed peppers are a Peruvian dish too, same and different. Chile Rellenos are a dish known throughout the Latin word.

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I make stuffed peppers with so many memories on my mind. Thinking about my grandma and about the abuelitas in the new world. About Ottoman chefs bringing the taste to perfection about the plant based movement, about the Hungarian farmers, and all the farmers. Grateful for the planet earth giving us food.

Today I don’t eat meet or diary anymore. I stuffed my peppers with basil, lentils, brown arroz, walnuts and garlic. Served with almond yogurt and dusted with Cayenne pepper.

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City gardens

Jardins de Ca n’Altimira, once an eccentric millionaires private gardens. In 1880 there were lakes, waterfalls, caves and exotic vegetation. The portico provided access to other caves connected to the house. It is said that at various points the caves were flooded so that Altimira and his guests could boat through them.

Community garden of the people of Vallcarca.

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Spring babies

In case you were wandering where food comes from.

spring babies

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The miracle of life

What I found in my mothers basement.



What is bugging me


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We are moving mountains

We are up to some serious landscaping these days.

If you are not sure what are you looking at, the left photo is before and the right one is now. As we built our camp on a hill we had to level the floor in our hammock “room” otherwise we would slide doooown with every step, especially because it is rainy season and our hill turns into slippery slope with every rain drop.

So we moved a mountain to raise up the floor in hammock room and created  step between that and our kitchen which we filled up with herbs and tomatoes. The idea is to have herbs within an arms length from the kitchen.



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Wilderness vs. the garden

Why choose when you can have it all! We have mango trees, oregano trees, wild basil, yuka, sweet potatoes, lemon grass, avocado trees, mamey, chaya, coconuts, plantains and more growing wild.