Water is life!

One of the reasons I really enjoy living in Barcelona are the water fountains/hydrants everywhere.


How tragic that Rome had to turn of its historic water fountains due to drought. For the first time since ancient times. Read here.

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Out & about

Little reminder, life ain`t bad when you see this on the way to buy sustainable sourced eco Nesquick.

Casa Vincent is one of Gaudí`s earliest works. Currently under reconstruction to be opened for public for the first time as a museum this fall.


My shopping is from Veritas, a store hated by some for riding on the wave of Barcelona`s gentrification and loved by others, you know the story. Should I have walked couple of meters down the road to the co – op? Yes! Am I happy my juice has no sugar and my cereals have no chemicals? Yes!

zumo de uva negra


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City gardens

Jardins de Ca n’Altimira, once an eccentric millionaires private gardens. In 1880 there were lakes, waterfalls, caves and exotic vegetation. The portico provided access to other caves connected to the house. It is said that at various points the caves were flooded so that Altimira and his guests could boat through them.

Community garden of the people of Vallcarca.

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Broke and the city

It`s hard to keep yo money in the wallet when there are vegan bakeries and eco – conscious stores popping out of everywhere.

But hey guess what? The best things do come free! This little gem of an organic market had a delightful selection of free sample healthy cookies. And by the free sample I don’t mean your usual tiny piece but the whole damn cookie!

Located in Grácia.

Well, I will make sure I come there with my money one of these days!



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Lessons from the streets

Ressist, re-use, occupy … I guess this aimless wandering around and pretended job hunt has been good for something. I am now shopping from a co-op. No mo plastic bags! I`m so stoked.


Por un mundo donde la ilusión sea más importante que el poder económico!


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We are moving mountains

We are up to some serious landscaping these days.

If you are not sure what are you looking at, the left photo is before and the right one is now. As we built our camp on a hill we had to level the floor in our hammock “room” otherwise we would slide doooown with every step, especially because it is rainy season and our hill turns into slippery slope with every rain drop.

So we moved a mountain to raise up the floor in hammock room and created  step between that and our kitchen which we filled up with herbs and tomatoes. The idea is to have herbs within an arms length from the kitchen.



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Wilderness vs. the garden

Why choose when you can have it all! We have mango trees, oregano trees, wild basil, yuka, sweet potatoes, lemon grass, avocado trees, mamey, chaya, coconuts, plantains and more growing wild.