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Out & about

Little reminder, life ain`t bad when you see this on the way to buy sustainable sourced eco Nesquick.

Casa Vincent is one of Gaudí`s earliest works. Currently under reconstruction to be opened for public for the first time as a museum this fall.


My shopping is from Veritas, a store hated by some for riding on the wave of Barcelona`s gentrification and loved by others, you know the story. Should I have walked couple of meters down the road to the co – op? Yes! Am I happy my juice has no sugar and my cereals have no chemicals? Yes!

zumo de uva negra


Food, Wanderlust

Lessons from the streets

Ressist, re-use, occupy … I guess this aimless wandering around and pretended job hunt has been good for something. I am now shopping from a co-op. No mo plastic bags! I`m so stoked.


Por un mundo donde la ilusión sea más importante que el poder económico!



Hammock life in Barcelona

hammocks outside

I`ve been missing Central America for some time now and this place could just throw me over the edge. There are hammocks here! Living the crazy life from a hammock is my thing!

Good selection of Juices and Smoothie bowls. It`s a bit on the not that cheap edge but it is definitely yummy. Too much plastic for my liking tho and no wii fi.

Hammocks Juice Station Carrer de Mallorca, 308, 08037 Barcelona



Grandma`s cooking

My granny doesn’t believe in a meal without meat and meat less, let alone animal free lunch is just outrageous idea! C` mon! You gotta eat something!

But grandma ….

“Theres only one egg in the cake, one egg is not going to kill you!”

But grandma …

So we looked deep into our “heritage cuisine” and  in the end we agreed on “Halušky” a traditional Slovakian “mountain” meal. Made of finely diced potatoes mixed with flour and boiled, served with fermented cabbage.

The original version is not animal free, granny just had to deal with it! But I came for more and that made her happy!



Raw Frgál*

* a type of pie made in Wallachia, a region of the Czech Rep. Traditionally made with yeast dough and plum jam or/and poppy seeds. This stud is raw poppy seed made by Zivi Bar in Olomouc.




It`s asparagus season


Locally grown white asparagus & sorghum with Tahini Sauce 

Did you know an acre of sorghum uses a third-less water than an acre of corn? It is drought-tolerant, low-water-usage, wonder grain!


Nut Roast!

It is almost Sunday so treat yourself!


Receipt here  green salad on a side and cauliflower rice (cooked cauliflower in a water with curcuma, salt, cayenne pepper) and of course Tahini Sauce on everything!

nut roast


Absolutely delightful!