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Little reminder, life ain`t bad when you see this on the way to buy sustainable sourced eco Nesquick.

Casa Vincent is one of Gaudí`s earliest works. Currently under reconstruction to be opened for public for the first time as a museum this fall.


My shopping is from Veritas, a store hated by some for riding on the wave of Barcelona`s gentrification and loved by others, you know the story. Should I have walked couple of meters down the road to the co – op? Yes! Am I happy my juice has no sugar and my cereals have no chemicals? Yes!

zumo de uva negra


Food, Wanderlust

Broke and the city

It`s hard to keep yo money in the wallet when there are vegan bakeries and eco – conscious stores popping out of everywhere.

But hey guess what? The best things do come free! This little gem of an organic market had a delightful selection of free sample healthy cookies. And by the free sample I don’t mean your usual tiny piece but the whole damn cookie!

Located in Grácia.

Well, I will make sure I come there with my money one of these days!



Food, Wanderlust

Lessons from the streets

Ressist, re-use, occupy … I guess this aimless wandering around and pretended job hunt has been good for something. I am now shopping from a co-op. No mo plastic bags! I`m so stoked.


Por un mundo donde la ilusión sea más importante que el poder económico!



Portobello & broccoli Risotto


Risotto: onions, garlic, olive oil, portobello mushrooms, broccoli, brown rice, roasted sunflower seeds

salad new

Green Salad: carrots, bok choi, green salad, apple, kohlrabi

and Tahini Sauce on everything


Rawmance with cacao

Gotta love the coco & cacao combo! Raw snack balls made just with date paste, cacao nibs, cacao & coco


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Bush tea a.k.a bug repelent

Known as “jackass bitter” or “tres puntas”